Dictators Demolition

GAMEAPP for IPhone & IPad

We worked a couple of months on it but unfortunately the App Store didn’t approve it, because it’s not in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines.

Character design, animation, level design, design of obstacles, user interface & homepage design: Ioana Cornea

Development & programming: CNDY Productions, www.candy.cc

Idea & concept: O.E.K., C.F. Demolition Development


Finalization in Illustrator

1. Fidel Castro
2. Vodkamir Putin
3. Hosni Mubarak
4. Silvio Bungasconi
5. Muammar Gaddmoney
6. Kim Jong Kill
7. Al-Quaramba bin Laden
8. George Dumble W Bush


Animation and preview of added weapons for Kim Jong Kill, Silvio Bungasconi and Muammar Gaddmoney.


Prework and final layouts (day/night) for the Al-Quaramba bin Laden, Silvio Bungasconi and Fidel Castro background.


How to play.


Here you get to see a short making-of, have fun!